Due Diligence

As the world grows more aware of the importance of protecting an individual’s confidentiality in light of the many breaches of that confidentiality in the recent past and in response to many of our financial institutions and medical facilities requests for more detailed business information, Badger State Recovery, Inc. has decided to make this important information available to our clients through the Due Diligence tab on our website.

We are very proud in our record of protecting our client’s confidential materials. Since the company started we have not lost a single scrap of paper or a single medical x-ray. Your confidentiality is secure with Badger State Recovery, Inc., we guarantee that!

      Available Upon Request
      Certificate of Liability Insurance
      HIPAA Training Certificate
      Client Confidentiality Agreement
      Materials Destruction Protocol for Business Associates
      Overview of the Gramm-Leach-Bailey Act and the Safeguards Rule
      Business Continuity Plan
      Business Associate's Agreement

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